A new technology for easy-care Merino.
Designed to protect nature.


Naturetexx Plasma

Protects the environment

No chlorine, just air and plasma. This revolutionary process, powered by renewable energy, is the ecological alternative to chlorine-based chemical treatments for wool.

Pioneering Technology

The traditional problem with wool is it felts and shrinks during laundering. In the 1970’s a chlorine based treatment was developed to make wool machine washable. Now there is a radical new solution: A plasma treatment which modifies the surface of the individual wool fibres altering the scales on the fibre surface that cause felting.

Excellent washing machine performance

Naturetexx Plasma Merino can be machine washed and tumble dried. Because the fibres are permanently modified, it will never wear out.

For all kind of garments

All the desirable natural properties of Merino, for any Merino or blend fabrics that need easy care. Whether it is socks, underwear, sweaters, insulation – for fashion or for sports.

The best of Merino

Warm, comfortable, durable and good looking. Moisture controlling and breathable. Natural, renewable and biodegradable.


  • Naturetexx Plasma is effective using just electricity and air as raw materials
  • A real alternative to industry-standard chlorine-based technology
  • No chlorine used or absorbable organic halogen compounds (AOX) produced
  • The electricity used comes from renewable energy sources
  • Naturetexx Plasma articles can be certified for organic use according to GOTS and IVN Best
  • bluesign® certified
  • OEKO-TEX® certified


Unique approach

A completely different, environment-centred approach. The process uses plasma instead of chemicals to modify the fibre surface. It is the first ecological alternative with the potential to replace the current industry standard.

The process

A plasma field is generated by discharging a voltage between two electrodes in a special machine. Carefully prepared wool passes through the plasma field where electrons and ions in the plasma interact with the wool fibre. They alter the friction profile of the fibre surface, removing the normal felting effect of untreated wool. The wool is then spun into a thread that can be used for knitting or weaving.

What is plasma?

Plasma is a different state of matter, where a gas has been energized at fundamental level by the input of heat or electricity. Gas atoms are ionized within the plasma and electrons are freed up transforming the gas into a more reactive state. Plasma occurs naturally in the sun, in lighting strikes and in the aurora. Artificial plasma is harnessed in fluorescent bulbs, flat screen TVs and in industrial applications, such as applying coatings.


Designed for the washing machine

Naturetexx Plasma treated Merino is machine washable, will not shrink or felt and is easy to care for. There is nothing old fashioned about this wool.

Additional benefits

Wool fibres are not damaged by the treatment and retain their normal properties

  • The treatment is permanent and will never wear off
  • Normal strength
  • Good pilling resistance
  • Improved moisture absorbency


Wherever easy-care Merino is needed, Naturetexx Plasma Merino delivers

  • Fine Merino for luxury underwear
  • Fashion Sweaters with a conscience
  • Baselayers for outdoor and sports
  • Insulating midlayers
  • Comfortable, performance activewear
  • Dry comfortable feet in Merino socks


Merino is Nature’s technical fibre – whatever the conditions - multi-talented Merino has a place. Naturetexx plasma won’t affect any of Merino’s great features.

  • Warm in Winter - stays warm when wet
  • Cool in summer
  • Breathable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Resists odour buildup
  • Easy care
  • Antistatic and fire retardant
  • UV blocking
  • Best of all, Merino is natural, renewable, biodegradable